Thursday, December 11, 2008

NEWS ALERT: Fixed-Rate Mortgage @ 4.75%

Hey Folks – I don’t normally send emails out to my whole database, but today’s news is unprecedented from the mortgage field. You can refinance your mortgage on a FIXED RATE 30- or 15-year mortgage at 4.75%. For most mortgage holders, this could save you thousands of dollars per year.

I just wanted to pass this on to you and for you to do whatever you want with the information.

To calculate your savings, you can visit If you need a loan officer I can connect you with someone at our sister company Weichert Financial Services.


Robert said...

Do you see further meltdown? as for me I can see it going even lower than 4.50%. what you think?

M. Anthony Carr said...

We're seeing rates there already -- it just depends on how many points you want to pay. My advice to those wanting to hit it at its lowest is to get an application filed with your broker of choice and be ready to say "GO" when it hits the level you want. Then you're already pre-qualified, etc., before you really need to and there's no delay.

M. Anthony Carr said...

Okay – now I just found out 4.25% is available at 2 points!!! Wow!