Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I wanted to take a moment and encourage you to Punch Through what’s happening in your business right now. Operate on what you KNOW instead of what you FEAR!

Fear paralyzes.
Fear creates hesitation.
Fear transforms your confidence into doubt.

Knowledge is power!
Knowledge strengthens your resolve!
Knowledge beats down fear every time!

Our clients want someone with confidence to show the strength in the market and help them defeat the fear they have of buying or selling a home in today’s market.

They have a suspicion that the market is different in Northern Virginia – but they don’t KNOW it – You Do!

Once you Punch Through – amazing things happen. The picture in this email is of a jet at the precise moment that it breaks the sound barrier. I’d like you to see the sound barrier broken in real time. Click the link below for a 30 second video on a jet doing exactly that.

PUNCH THROUGH self doubt
PUNCH THROUGH challenging contracts
PUNCH THROUGH those questions in your mind about how good you are!

Because you are GOOD!
Because you are the BEST TRAINED!
Because you KNOW this is the BEST time for the market in years!



SBL said...

Nice presentation...

Milwaukee Condoman said...

It really motivated me on doing something. Punch through indeed!

Milwaukee Condos said...

I really like the image you used! Great visual.