Thursday, May 21, 2009


This post is going to be very local in nature - Northern Virginia readers -- we need houses to sell! The market has turned on a dime and sellers are now starting to get their asking price, (or 10s of thousands more -- see Steve's comment on last posting); entertain multiple offers and move up to their next house with very cheap loans.

Are you ready to sell? Who do you know that's ready to sell? Please respond asap so we can catch this upsurge for you, get your home sold and move up to that next great home that you can buy with interest rates that even you grandparents haven't seen! (Lingering today under 5%).

The whole Northern Virginia market is down to a 2.0 months' supply -- that's deep in seller market territory. For price ranges under $500,000 it's even less than 2 months!

Call me today, please! (703) 819-9800. I need the lead!


Cara said...

It's true. Well priced listings in Burke are going under contract in a weekend with multiple offers. More unique homes (that are priced appropriately) go under in 4 weeks or less. And buyers are stumbling over move-in ready, paying $50k ore more (not including upgrades or views) to not have to deal with an REO.

Good luck finding the remaining homeowners with enough equity to pull together a downpayment on their move-up house. They're out there, hopefully not all of them have their head in the sand. Today's market could easily absorb twice the well-priced listings as are out there. (in Burke anyway)

CoachingByPeter said...

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